Expert Social Media Predictions For 2013: Part 1

1. Social media marketing and e-commerce will grow together

E-commerce experts predict that one major trend in 2013 will undoubtedly be continued consumer empowerment Daisy Drew. Social media marketing holds immense value for businesses and consumers as a result of potential ecommerce features and integrated communication; however, a whole lot needs to be done. LinkedIn and Twitter are missing e-commerce options and even Facebook isn’t around the mark yet. We could use social media marketing to market products, build businesses and support the economy only by making buying far more convenient and enjoyable. With social media marketing seeing significant increases in online traffic, social media marketing and e-commerce will certainly visit a mash-up in 2013.

2. Visual marketing

Visual marketing will undoubtedly be on the rise in 2013. Good quality visuals and videos are quite effective amidst all the online clutter and noise. Visual content has global appeal and increases engagement with peoples regardless of their geographic locations. Brands need to understand what makes visual marketing effective for their networks or communities at Instagram, Pinterest and other social media.

3. Media could be active or passive

Rather than think of media as social, we ought to start considering it as active or passive. First we need to establish patterns for when people are generally active or passive towards media, such as watching television passively or participating actively on Twitter. Next, brands need to reconsider when to create media which will be active or passive. This new perspective on consumers and media will enable brands to ascertain the best marketing mix to optimise everything including content creation, TV spots and time and effort to be committed to Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

4. Facebook provides good business tools

Premium versions of Facebook Pages will undoubtedly be provided by Facebook including advanced analytics that provide marketers improved insights about specific segments such as new fans, customers or top commenter. Facebook users will perform frictionless acquisition for emails. Facebook acquired the analytics tool, Threadsy and earlier in 2013, third-party developers have already been allowed to create actions ahead of like, comment and share. Facebook will soon allow visitors to log in and buy products through Facebook accounts. At this rate, the conclusion of 2013 might see cash registers attaining the museums.

5. Marketing

Seeing the unprecedented clutter from businesses and people in 2012, brands have began to realise the significant significance of developing appealing and engaging content in 2013. Content marketing in business-to-business has already adopted this strategy with e-books, white papers, info-graphics, webinars and articles. Aesthetically pleasing multimedia social support systems like Instagram and Pinterest will grow in 2013. You might find more B2C companies producing and sharing beautiful images, refined comics, sophisticated visual aids and radiant television videos.

Slideshare’s growth

During 2013, Slideshare would be the fastest growing network, while LinkedIn and Facebook will launch unique content creation strategies that’ll enhance engagement and create sponsored content creation opportunities.

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